Coronavirus & Your Wedding

A message to my upcoming brides and grooms regarding Covid-19.

‘Pause, Postpone. But don’t Cancel’.

If you’re following any wedding themed instagram or Facebook accounts, you’ve most likely read that advice recently!

I know it sounds very cliché but I feel the best thing to do right now is 'keep calm and carry on'. Your venue WILL NOT wish to cancel your wedding, as they will not be covered for their losses in doing so. Instead, they will more than likely be offering YOU the choice to continue with your date as planned, or to postpone to a later date.

I want to reassure all my couples who are booked for the next few months that regardless of our contract, if your wedding is to be postponed and has to be re-scheduled, I will work with you to ensure I can still be there on your day. Simply put, that means if you move your wedding to another date this year or next, providing that I am available for your new date, I will simply transfer your booking fee & final balance payment over to your new date.

As almost all of my weddings from March to August this year have now rescheduled and the cashflow for these months has ceased, I am now implementing a new payment plan for your postponement at my discretion. This will consist of paying 50% of your remaining balance on or before the date originally agreed upon in your contract, and then the final 50% two weeks before the new wedding date. Your participation in doing so is greatly appreciated as this measure is  simply to keep my head above water and to make sure I am still in a position to shoot all my couple's weddings as originally planned.

If your venue does offer you the choice to postpone, this will potentially be for a midweek date in the near future as most venues will have bookings for weekend dates already booked in. This also goes for myself and your other suppliers you have booked - rescheduling to a Monday-Thursday will give a higher chance of us all being available for you on your new date. Before this all started I had 49 weddings booked for 2020 and a very high percentage of them are Friday-Sunday.

Believe me I’ll be at your wedding with cameras in hand unless that decision is taken away from me by higher powers.

For any and all cancellations (those who don’t wish to reschedule, are unable to find a date that works for both of us, or have already confirmed a new date before contacting myself which I am unavailable on) whatever the reason may be, my original terms and conditions still apply and have not been altered in any way. 

If your venue is forced to cancel your wedding then I advise you check your insurance as most should pay out if the government FORCE closures of wedding venues and FORCE isolation.

My Availability

For those of you in the unfortunate position of rescheduling your wedding, I thought it would be appropriate to share with you my calendar of availability for 2020 & 2021so you can check easily and transparently if I will be available for dates you are considering. 

All dates will be booked on a first come first served basis.