Frequently asked Questions

Do you offer Photography?

No. My packages are for videography only.

Where are you based?

In the Rossendale Valley. Lancashire, North West England.

How far will you travel?

As far as you need me too!

Are there travel costs?

There are no extra travel costs in my package prices unless the journey to your venue is longer than 2 hours average drive. In which case I will need to factor in a stay at a B&B or hotel near your venue, as to avoid a 2+ hour drive on the morning of your wedding. The longer the drive, the more chance of being caught in traffic or other unforeseen circumstances. Unfortunately these things can happen! Which is why I prefer to avoid them completely by heading close to your venue the day before.


I approach destination weddings abroad in the same manner. I will research the flights and hotels myself before getting back to you with a full quote, and arrange everything myself. One less thing for you to worry about!

Do you need to visit the venue before the wedding?

Not at all. In fact, some of the films you have watched on this website are at venues I had never visited before. As much as I do like to include some scene-setting shots of the locations, the main focus of my films are the people. Your venue will simply be a gorgeous background to the story of your film.

Do we get our ceremony and speeches in full?

Yes. With both packages you also receive your full ceremony and speeches separately. These will be uncut, and captured from 2 angles.

I'm getting married in church, is this a problem?

Not at all! 95% of churches allow their brides and grooms to have their weddings captured on film. It is however the responsibility of the bride and groom to make sure your particular church allows me to operate during the ceremony. It is also your responsibility to cover any extra charges the church may ask for to allow videography during the ceremony.

I shoot all my church ceremonies from the back, straight up the aisle. By doing so I am completely discreet and out of the way of your vicar or priest who 9 times out of 10 will hate the idea of photographers and videographers sharing the altar with them, fighting for ‘the shot’.'

Can we have the raw footage from the film?

Of course! For an additional fee I will happily provide you with a timeline of everything I shot on your day. I also keep all raw footage from my weddings up to a year after, so this doesn’t need to be factored into your budget right away.

What time do you stay until?

I will leave around 20 minutes after the first dance, once I have plenty of footage of your friends and family joining you on the dance floor and having a boogie!

What cameras do you use?

I don’t exactly get asked this frequently, but incase you are curious I shoot the entire day on one Sony A7 MkIII. I also use a second Sony A7 MkIII as my secondary angle for the ceremony and speeches. Both of these cameras are likely to be smaller than the ones some of your guests will bring. I also bring backup cameras.

Do you record sound?

During the ceremony I record the audio of the bride and groom using a small, discreet recording device clipped into the groom’s jacket pocket. I will also attach these devices to any lecterns or microphone stands to capture the readings during the ceremony. For the speeches I will again clip the recording devices to all of the speakers where possible. Should the venue have a wireless microphone, I will also attach one to this as a backup.

Can we use our favourite song for the film?

Unfortunately, no. To use any music in your wedding film it needs to be licensed. For any mainstream music this could cost thousands. I use subscription websites such as Soundstripe and Musicbed to find the right music that fits the feeling of your film, which comes to me during the edit.

How long will the film be?

I offer two film choices. A ‘Highlight’ film which is around 4-6 minutes in length, and a ‘Feature’ film which is around 18 minutes.

How long after the wedding will we receive our film?

I will always aim to get your film sent to you within a month. This can vary depending on the season however, with summer being the busiest, as you can imagine. If I have a clear schedule, you may even receive your film within 2 weeks.

How will we receive our films?

The finished films are delivered to you online, with your own private ‘Blu-Ray’ style menu. From this menu you are able to download all the video files for yourselves as many times as you want, and do with them what you please! You can also simply share the link I send you to your friends and family right away, and they too will be able to browse the password protected menu and watch the films straight from their laptops, phones, tablets etc. 

Do you work alone?

Yes. I am a one man band.

What happens if you become ill or have an accident before the wedding and cannot make it?

Unfortunately these unforseen things can happen. In the unlikely event of which you will be notified as soon as possible, and a complete refund of all monies paid up to that point will be transferred. But no need to panic! I am a member of many Wedding Photography & Videography groups and will be able to send across a list of available replacements within a matter of minutes.

Do we need to meet up before the wedding?

Not at all. Sometimes it just doesn’t fit into your schedule! A very high percentage of my couples don’t meet me face to face until the day of the wedding. However I am more than happy to meet any couple for a drink wherever possible if they would like to see if I’m the right fit for them.

How do we book you?

I book all my couples on a first come first served basis. The date is only yours once a booking fee payment has been transferred. The final balance is then to be paid no later than 2 weeks before the wedding date.