My approach to Wedding Films

After a few hundred weddings & over 5 years of capturing them, I can guarantee you one thing: 

No guest at a wedding wants to feel like they’re being filmed.


Nobody likes a huge intimidating camera with a giant lens pointed at their face. This is why I use just one, small, mirrorless camera to capture your entire day.


No big clunky gimbals or steady cams, no drones.


I believe your wedding day shouldn’t be looked back on like an action film or an advertisement for the venue. You want to remember the feelings, the emotions, the family and friends, the reactions. The day as it might have been observed through the eyes of a guest. Seeing the things that you didn’t get chance to see on your own wedding day.


The wedding isn’t about the film, the film is about the wedding. This is why you will never see me interfere and give directions on what people ‘should’ be doing.

Your wedding memories should not be scripted and directed, they should be captured as they naturally occur. And I do this by being as discreet and unobtrusive as possible, with extremely minimal kit, so that I can be quick to capture all those unplanned and unscripted moments that are unique to your wedding.